Motorbike trimming in deepest Sussex

Deep in the East Sussex countryside, in a place so rural the squirrels make their own pesto, our small, passionate and crazy team repairs, recovers and modifies the knackered old seats on your motorbikes, scooters, trikes, quads and choppers.

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What exactly do we do?

Specifically, we offer:

Foam reconditioning, custom vinyl, leather or suede, height reductions, stitching repairs, seat reshaping, panel repairs and recovers. 

Want it personalised?  Choose from a range of fabrics, including leather, suede and animal print.  Pick any colour you like and get it in durable, non-slip materials.

We’ll also modify, reshape or adapt foam fillings to create a seat that fits you perfectly.  We can even add extra cushioning to the filling.  So, we’re the perfect choice for replacing, reshaping and re-padding your motorbike seat.

Let’s get creative

You can have any look you want.  We can combine different hues to build a seat that complements the rest of your bike.  Piping and stitching?  No problem.  Logos and brand names such as Suzuki or Harley Davidson?  We love a spot of embroidery, along with a mug of tea and a cupcake.

We offer a hand finished service that’s perfect for putting your own personal stamp on your bike seat.

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